Heartbreaking Story

Please help Izzy 
This poor baby came up to a Floyd County house as a stray. The woman there was 60 years old..on oxygen..and a walker. She had no transportation and no resources. She tried the best she could to care for the pup but when she was hospitalized and returned the dog had been severely beaten by her brother in law who didn’t want to be bothered by a stray. She found the pup in the pasture and used her walker to get pup back to the house.
We have just gotten the pup to wrac. today and he has mange. .fungal Infections….lesions….and a long road to recovery. PLEASE HELP ARF. She can be saved. Please Donate on ARF website. 


New Rescue

This is how they found him. Thought he was dead. A kind lady in Acworth put a request for help on fb. this afternoon.
ARF is usually only local but an ARF. volunteer. .Vicky Robinson… .replied and the dog will be at WRAC. Tomorrow morning to be evaluated by Dr Pate…Fitzpatrick and Coffman.
Let’s hope he will be alright. Please help ARF. With caring for abandoned animals. No animal…just like no person..
Should starve and be in pain.