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We have two dogs that need rescue quickly.  I cannot imagine why someone has not taken Murphy.  He is beautiful and so sweet.We all know that any dog at this facility could be euthanize at any time – as it has happened in the past – so we are trying to get everyone  moved  out asap. Owner surrenders can be euthanize at any time – so we are really trying hard to get them out.   The shelter will euthanize and put some of these dogs to sleep – if rescue or adoption is not found for them.   The shelter will not be holding dogs for months like they previously did – so when we say – urgent – we do mean urgent – any of these dogs could be euthanize at any time. 0057If you have not pulled from us within the last year , we will need your DOA license from GA – if you are from out of state – we need  your 501c3 paperwork/vet reference and a shelter reference.  Either fax to the shelter at 706 857 0676 or email Carlean at  Murphy is an owner surrender – through no fault of his own.   His owner just wouldn’t keep him up – lots of times that means up here – they won’t keep the gates closed on the fence or just want him to run loose – so he got tired of paying fines a the shelter and just turned  him – of course he didn’t neuter him – either- which we all know that would help – 2-3 years of age – good with other dogs – super sweet – He has been there for two weeks – can’t believe someone hasn’t taken him.

and friendly,  Weighs about 45-50 lbs.


This is my Miracle. The 3 pictures on the left are her one year ago. As you can see her arm was all mangled and in the middle left picture is a close up of where the bone had broke into and was coming through her skin. She had other problems as well, her back legs did not and still do not work normally but she gets around just find. She was also heart worm positive. Not to mention they estimated her to be 10 to 12 years old. Her owners let her live with this mangled arm until the bone snapped. At that point she stopped walk because of the pain so they brought her into the clinic. They handed her to us and said she can’t walk and we never saw them again. After I begged for Miracles life ARF stepped in and saved her. I agreed to let her live out her life with me and ARF agreed to pay her medical bill. As you can see her leg was amputated and she recovered well. I kept miracle on slow kill method of heart worm preventive for the whole year she has been with me. Today I took her in for her yearly exam and she is heart worm NEGATIVE!!! I took the pictures on the right today. She is a real Miracle. Thank you ARF-Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome/Floyd county for saving her and so many others. Please help ARF continue to save dogs like miracle by making a small donation of what ever you can.



Darlin is a female doxin basset mix who had surgery yesterday at WRAC for a diaphragmatic hernia.   Her liver and organs were displaced and putting pressure on her lungs.  She had very labored breathing.   Dr. Pate had to relocate organs and she is alive and better today.  Will be a long recovery.  Surgery was approximately $1500. Please donate to ARF or their account at west Rome animal clinic to help.
She is a love bug!