Stolen or Lost Dog belongs to a severely disable boy

Stolen or Lost Dog – very friendly Mini Red Mural Aussie and microchip. It was inside a fence in  yard off Fernwood Way N.E. (Floyd County, Georgia) and belongs to a severely handicap boy who is immensely grief stricken about his dog being gone. REWARD offered and goes by the name of Patches. Please help locate and return Patches back to this boy who thinks the world of him. The boy is desperate for him to return. Two numbers: Karen 706-331-9832 Joyce 706-346-6268

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Pet Angel Tree – Help feed the animals at the Rome Area Shelters this Christmas!





Pet Angel Tree
Please make our wish come true this Christmas!
Pet Angel Tree is located at The Back Yard.
December 1st – January 5 th
We are the ones forgotten, abandoned, abused, hungry, and cold during Christmas. We will be very blessed for any food you buy us! All items will go to a shelter of your choice: Floyd County Animal Control, Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome Floyd County Inc., and Posey Pet Shelter. We need your help and caring heart. Be our Angels! Be our Blessing! Be the one to make a difference!
The Back Yard located at 1201 Dean Ave., Rome, GA Phone 706-232-9500. Look for the neon green and pink with paw prints building.

Sadly we have no space for larger Dogs

We sadly have no space for larger dogs……..

Due to the constant and overwhelming number of surrendered animals, low foster space and funding ARF is full and is currently unable to accept animals.  Other rescues need to be contacted or owners can rehome themselves.  There are other rescues based elsewhere who pull from animal control. 


Desperate Donations needed for ARF-RomeFloyd rescue

PLEASE HELP! We are in need of year round donations. We know that times are tough for everybody. Our program lets you donate $10 or more once a month with a commitment for 12 months. ARF is in need of corporate sponsor and anyone with suggestions for next year PLEASE forward them.  Any fund raising suggestions will be seriously look at and consider. All animal lovers know the unconditional love that pets give you and they all need your help! All money goes to pay vet bills. Animal Control only calls ARF when a pet is in need of medical attention. All wet food for puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs with out  teeth at Animal Control that cannot eat hard food comes solely from ARF – romefloyd local rescue group funds.Gracie who has parvo

Walk your Dog and you will support ARF with donations from WoofTrax!

Support ARF simply by walking your dog! Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and your local Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome-Floyd!

Click “Get the App” on the above wooftrax logo, install the free Android or iPhone app, and start taking your Walk for a Dog every day. The more people walking for ARF, the more we can donate and help our furry friends!


Gracie needs your help in donations because of parvo!

Gracie spent a week at Animal Control she is 5 months old and was on death row this week. ARF pulled her out and took her to West Rome Animal Clinic due to Gracie not eating and vomiting. Gracie has parvo, she is weak and is being treated. She needs everyone’s help to get better, your donations will give her a chance to live. Donations to West Rome Animal Clinic or ARF web site by PayPal would be wonderfully appreciated! Please help her today!                             Thank you for being Gracie’s blessing.

Gracie who has parvo



HELLO EVERYONE…..its that time again…ARF is having its 3rd Annual Chowdown …..southern comfort food for critters. This is a major fundraiser for us and I am sending this to friends who may be in the DAR, CERT, exercise, or other groups with me…… This is our catered southern buffet with The Holler providing music. It is September 18 at the civic center and is only $35 a tax deductible ticket. Wine and beer are included. We will have our usual AWESOME silent auction. Tickets are available at Wet Petz, West Rome Animal Clinic, Peggys Backyard, Elysium, or by calling Sue Lee at 706-766-5213, or me 706-506-1079. Since 2011 ARF has paid every vet bill for our Floyd County Animal Control, bought every spray, wash, and even supplied all the wet dog and cat food. Yes, you read correctly, our commissioners do not feel that is a necessity even though we have hundreds of pups, older toothless dogs and pregnant nursing moms. We exist entirely on donations, as do many other animal groups. We pull animals from OUR a.c., send 50 a month from the public for low cost spay neuter, help those in assisted living to keep their pets and have a program for schools called Pennies for Pups which will resume shortly. We rescued 25-30 animals from owners who could not keep LAST WEEK alone. This prevents them from entering our a.c. where full =kill. But we need donations and monthly pledges. ARF has been attending animal court on cruelty cases to provide support for the animal control officers and documentation as we have paid the vet bill for that animal. One case can be a thousand dollars. Our sincere appreciation to Dr. Pate and West Rome Animal Clinic for allowing our emergencies and providing care. Please continue to help us so we can continue to help local animals…….Greta W.