Angels Needed!!!

This poor boy needs Angels. His owners threw him away like trash most likely because of his medical condition. They must have let him live in this condition for months or longer. Now he will have to be euthanized unless he gets the expensive surgery he needs. He has a mass on the underside base of his tail that must be removed and he also has serval small masses growing in his ear. These masses in his ear are the most crucial. They need to be removed ASAP. There is a chance the masses are growing inward and could be cancer. Bottom line is the 2000 dollars for his surgery must be raised by Monday 12 noon or he will need to be euthanized because he can’t live with these masses in his ears any longer and without your support and donation the surgery is not possible.  Please, please share and donate if you can, any amount helps. Donation can be called in to west Rome animal clinic at 706-235-8861 before 12 noon tomorrow or donation can be made online here