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Buffy Wingo
Buffy Wingo 5:27am May 17
Jamie N Ashley Soignet thank you so much for saving these babies! The negative comments on here are just disgusting and so very sad. The sad truth is that our homeless pet population far exceeds our prospective adoptive homes in this area. ARF wants all dogs adopted locally of course! But unfortunately, this is impossible. They send what dogs can’t be adopted locally to very reputable no kill rescues in larger cities that don’t have the significant problem we do with homeless dogs/cats, our low rate of pet owners who spay/neuter, and our disheartening number of owner surrenders at our local animal control. We are very lucky to have several amazing rescues in this area and I am so thankful for that and wouldn’t dare trash ANY of them. I can guarantee you that you made the right decision by going with ARF and I am not one of their volunteers so I have no reason to falsely sing their praises. I am on the board of directors for floyd county animal control though and do see first hand the significant difference ARF has made for our homeless pets. WAY TOO MANY animals are still euthanized and we unfortunately go over the numbers every meeting, however, when you compare our current numbers to the numbers we had before ARF began assisting us, the difference is phenomenal! If a couple more rescues like ARF were around, our animal control could become a no kill shelter. Also, when we have a dog that needs expensive medical care before it can be adopted, ARF comes running in and provides that expensive care along with the amazing help of West Rome Animal Clinic. So please know that you picked a great rescue and I would personally like to thank every single rescue in Rome, GA that works so hard to reduce the euthanasia rate in floyd and surrounding counties! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Someone abandoned 5 pups and a good Samaritan brought them to fcac last Friday.
Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome Floyd was called and took to West Rome Animal Clinic. One  has since died in spite of fluids and care at wrac.  The other 4 are improving.  Please donate to their care by PayPal or at wrac.
If you see any neglect or abuse please call Floyd county animal control for a wellness check.   These 8 week old pups weighed 3-4 pounds.





706 857 0679

We have two dogs that need rescue quickly.  I cannot imagine why someone has not taken Murphy.  He is beautiful and so sweet.We all know that any dog at this facility could be euthanize at any time – as it has happened in the past – so we are trying to get everyone  moved  out asap. Owner surrenders can be euthanize at any time – so we are really trying hard to get them out.   The shelter will euthanize and put some of these dogs to sleep – if rescue or adoption is not found for them.   The shelter will not be holding dogs for months like they previously did – so when we say – urgent – we do mean urgent – any of these dogs could be euthanize at any time. 0057If you have not pulled from us within the last year , we will need your DOA license from GA – if you are from out of state – we need  your 501c3 paperwork/vet reference and a shelter reference.  Either fax to the shelter at 706 857 0676 or email Carlean at  Murphy is an owner surrender – through no fault of his own.   His owner just wouldn’t keep him up – lots of times that means up here – they won’t keep the gates closed on the fence or just want him to run loose – so he got tired of paying fines a the shelter and just turned  him – of course he didn’t neuter him – either- which we all know that would help – 2-3 years of age – good with other dogs – super sweet – He has been there for two weeks – can’t believe someone hasn’t taken him.

and friendly,  Weighs about 45-50 lbs.